5 Best Projector Phones For Presenters

5 Best Projector Phones For Presenters. The days of hefty projectors and their clumsy wires are long gone. Making ensuring your presentation will work on the projector screen is no longer a headache. And it’s all possible because of mobile technology. In this tutorial, we’ll go over the top five projector phones for presenters.

The capabilities of contemporary digital devices have been greatly increased by the rapid growth of chips. As a result, top corporations are always increasing the capabilities of their products. Of course, smartphones come in the first place. Today, a smartphone’s functionality directly influences the choice of the best model. Engineers may now actively use LEDs and laser LEDs, for instance, as light sources for projectors thanks to advancements in LED and laser LED technology. Samsung consequently launched the first smartphone with a projection feature in 2009.

Best Projector Phones For Presenters

Here we read about the 5 Best Projector Phones for Presenters.

1. Moviphone

Wireless Mobi Solution, Inc. launched its smartphone with a built-in projector, the Moviphone, at CES 2018. With a brightness of up to 50 ANSI lm, this laser pico projector produces images with a resolution of 1280 x 720 (HD or 720p) on a 100-inch screen. Additionally, the 3700 mAh battery powers the projector for just over 3 hours.

For instance, with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, it displayed real brightness in the range of 30 to 60 ANSI lm. These are certainly high levels for a digital device.

2. Lenovo Smart Cast

Lenovo has developed the first smartphone in the world with an integrated laser projector that is focus-free. Everything you need for a slick and seamless presentation display comes with this smartphone. To launch the Smart Cast, a physical button is included. This allows you to view every app compatible with the SmartCast, allowing you to display virtually any part of your company, information, or presentation.

Additionally, it includes an infrared sensor built in to monitor every movement, enabling users to turn any surface into a useful touchscreen.

3. Blackview Max 1

As is well known, Blackview introduced the Max 1 with a built-in phone projector for the first time at Global Sources Hong Kong in 2018.

As is common knowledge, this projector makes use of MEMS technology. Most likely, this device can lay claim to being the first smartphone to enable a full-fledged projector. In this mode, Max 1 offers the highest image quality available today. Additionally, the model supports practically all of the key features of a contemporary projector.

Of course, a tripod is included with the box. Depending on the brightness, the battery charge offers up to five hours of playback. Additionally, the smartphone offers a few projection mode settings, such as brightness, color inversion mode, etc.

In order to save energy, the smartphone in this mode also automatically turns off the display.

4. Samsung Galaxy Beam 2

Although this was released in 2014, Samsung has updated a number of its features, and the machine is still very powerful. The phone features a 4.66-inch touchscreen and a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor. It’s not bad for a basic smartphone with respectable and trustworthy projection capability.

Overall, having projectors on mobile phones is useful in professional and educational situations as well as being wonderful for home use, such as movie nights and personal presentations.

5. Moto Z Force Droid

While these Motorola smartphones lack in-built projectors, they do support Moto Mods. Moto Mods are powerful modules that turn your Moto Z or Moto Z Force Android device into a movie projector, power bank, or boombox. These projector phones have 16 pins on the back for connecting to other devices.

Moto Z is sleek and thin, with an aluminum and stainless steel body, whereas Moto Z Force packs more punch thanks to its shatterproof display.

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