Feline follower – 7 Little Words Puzzle Answers

Feline follower 7 little words. Feline follower clue solution of seven Little Words can be a little difficult to determine. Do not worry, my dear fellow readers. Below is the correct answer to the seven Little Words Feline follower clue.

About 7 Little Words Feline follower

Seven Little Words is a fun word puzzle that you can play at any time. The game was created by Blue Ox Technologies. You must identify seven words with seven clues.

As you look at the puzzle, you will find a grid of 4X5. Within each box, there are two or 3 alphabets that have been grouped together.

The alphabets, when placed according to the clues, form a word that is the solution for the game. To help you the person who created this game has included the number of letters found in each word.

No penalty is imposed for making a wrong answer. There is also no time limit to complete the puzzle.

Feline follower 7 Little Words Answer

Now that you know how to play the game, let us have a look at the answer for the clue Feline follower for today’s 7 Little Words puzzle.


7 Letters

Definition of  Feline follower 7 Little Words Answer

1.copycat, imitator, emulator, ape, aper (noun)

someone who copies the words or behavior of another

2.copycat (Noun)

One who imitates others’ work without adding ingenuity.

3.copycat (Verb)

To act as a copycat; to copy in a shameless or derivative way

Note: There are times when the game creators utilize the same clues for various puzzles. To avoid confusion, the most effective method in working through the problem is to search at the number of words within the puzzle. Also, look for words within the puzzle boxes. This technique could be useful if you have two clues that are similar.

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