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Businesses can now easily apply these technologies to increase a building’s security and efficiency thanks to the most recent innovations in security. A business’s security must-haves include video intercoms, and choosing the best system to meet its unique requirements involves several different considerations. In this post on ButterflyMX, we highlight some of the important features, review, and alternatives of the ButterflyMX video intercom.

What is ButterflyMX?

ButterflyMX, a well-known brand in the sector, provides a cloud-based, mobile-first video intercom system that includes two-way video calling, elevator operation, and remote access. The video intercom system might also be used in smaller industrial properties and commercial buildings, although it works best in neighborhoods, homeowner’s associations, and multifamily residences.

ButterflyMX review:

For residential buildings with several units, the security system ButterflyMX is frequently used. Although the company is well-known, the system costs more than other intercoms. Higher prices are required for important features such as the hands-free Swipe to Open access option.

Additionally, according to ButterflyMX user reviews, the device is not completely inaccessible to hackers and the security of the video screen is vulnerable. The ButterflyMX system may not be sufficiently adaptable to offer reliable security and flexible access to locations other than residential units, such as multiple businesses or commercial structures.

Access control solutions with video intercom from ButterflyMX are cloud-based and mobile-ready. ButterflyMX is frequently used for larger residential neighborhoods, such as apartment buildings with multiple units, gated communities, homeowner’s associations, and condominiums. Although the technology might be applied to commercial areas, ButterflyMX is most suited for usage in homes with several apartments.

With ButterflyMX cloud-based video intercom systems, buildings have more flexibility in managing and keeping an eye on security from a distance. Security experts can open doors without being on-site because of the remote unlock feature offered by ButterflyMX.

The video intercom system from ButterflyMX was designed to work with popular property management, access control, security, and lock systems as well as resident experience and mobile applications for smart homes. Although the system is simple to integrate, it mostly works with locks, security, and application systems that are commonly used in homes, which may provide weaker security for business use.

ButterflyMX features:

  • Resident features – You may give your residents the option to control property entry from their cellphones by installing our video intercoms and keypads. They can manage access for delivery personnel and service providers, answer video conversations, and remotely open doors and gates.
  • Manager features – Improve the experience for your tenants while conserving time and remaining in control. Property managers can still check entry records, allow or reject property access, and link to other cloud-based systems even though our solutions are tenant-focused with features to improve their safety and convenience.
  • Developer features – Tenant experience is enhanced while expenses are decreased. ButterflyMX’s video intercom increases tenant satisfaction with features aimed toward safety and convenience while reducing installation costs by removing building wiring and in-unit hardware.
  • Installation features – ButterflyMX has made access control product installation quick and simple. Only three connections are needed for the video intercoms and keypads: internet, access control/door strike, and power.
  • Intercom video calls for guests
  • Using a smartphone application to unlock doors
  • Interface using a touch screen
  • Different display screen sizes
  • Access to a pin pad
  • Manage deliveries and guests
  • Access control in buildings

How much does ButterflyMX intercom cost?

Despite ButterflyMX’s great reputation, its video intercom system is somehow expensive. The base price of ButterflyMX is $3,995, and also there are hosting and software fees. This price includes the smartphone application, new features, regular updates, and phone and email live support.

Alternatives of ButterflyMX intercom:

  • Swiftlane Intercom

Swiftlane is one of the alternatives to ButterflyMX intercom. The company has a wide variety of products for the establishment, residential, and other companies that need security. Swiftlane’s developed two-way audio and video intercom calling feature that allows safe visitor and guest management. With the Swiftlane application, users may receive calls from any location. They are handled just like any other phone call, so they don’t need to keep an eye on app push alerts. Traditional intercom systems are only functional inside the premises.

  • Openpath Intercom

    A comprehensive solution for a secure video intercom and access control system is provided by Openpath’s Video Intercom. With built-in notifications for tampering, the system is secure against hacking, and end-to-end encryption ensures that data is always protected. It is simple to link older security systems with current security systems.

    Additionally, Openpath’s video intercom offers a variety of secure access techniques, such as touchless Wave to Unlock, mobile devices, Smartwatch, physical key cards, and fobs, to ensure that authorized users can enter quickly and safely at any time.

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