Top 10 Metaverse Games to Immerse Yourself Into (2022)

Top 10 Metaverse Games to Immerse Yourself Into (2022). The derogatory term “metaverse” has gained popularity recently as more organizations realize it as the technology of the future of business. Even though the term is increasingly being used to refer to “internet” and “online,” its definition can still be quite ambiguous. It’s important to understand what the term “metaverse” means because it’s being termed the next “big thing.”

Metaverse: Live, Immersive Extended Reality

The term “metaverse” describes technologies that give users the chance to interact with interconnected virtual worlds. Its name, derived from the Greek words meta, which means beyond, and universe, is essentially an extension of the physical world.

To enter and interact with others in these 3D “worlds,” where they represent themselves as avatars, real people use online games and apps. These online communities’ activities mirror those in the real world. Items can be created, bought, sold, invested in, and given as rewards to other players. As players move through an ecosystem of rival products, the Metaverse seamlessly combines gaming, virtual reality, live streaming, cryptocurrencies, and social media.

There are no pauses, game overs, or resets in the metaverse, in contrast to more prevalent digital games today. Furthermore, seamless experiences, including 360-degree views of the digital environment, are made possible by quick internet connections and potent virtual reality headsets. Gloves and jackets with haptic technology provide a tactile sense.

The metaverse is the latest advancement in computing, which started with mainframes and progressed to personal and mobile computing, according to some tech titans and investors.

What Do You Need to Play Metaverse Games?

To play the most basic games, you’ll need the following:

  • A reliable internet connection

The faster the speed of your internet package is, the better.

  • A virtual reality headset

VR gadgets can run into thousands of dollars but you have options—from Google Cardboard (which makes use of your smartphone and a cardboard viewer) to headsets connected to a PC (Valve, Sony, HTC, and HP) or console and wireless units (Oculus Quest).

  • PC or mobile device

If you won’t be using a stand-alone headset, you’ll need a PC or smartphone on which to connect your headset.

  • Blockchain wallet

You’ll need a blockchain wallet if you’d like to play metaverse games that involve the use of cryptocurrencies or digital money.

10 Best Metaverse Games

Here are 10 metaverse games to try now:

1.  Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

Tech firm in Vietnam Axie Infinity was released in 2018 by Sky Mavis. Axies are imaginary creatures that players can breed, raise, collect, and trade in this Pokemon-inspired game. Each creature has over 500 customizable body parts. Depending on the genetic makeup of their offspring, Axies develop new traits and abilities.

Axies can engage in combat with other Axies or treasure hunting to win rewards. For your Axies to live in, you can purchase land and houses that you can build using the platform’s resources.

2. Decentraland


In 2020, Argentine partners Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano unveiled Decentraland to the general public. In this virtual world with over 90,000 land parcels, you can create avatars, purchase wearables, and buy real estate using the MANA cryptocurrency. Each lot, which is 16 virtual square metres, can be rent out by a landowner for whatever is on it, including homes, hotels, parks, theatres, casinos, and other structures. Additionally, you can make money by setting up an exhibit where digital art will be auction off, organising a concert and selling tickets, etc. One of the widely used digital wallets that users of this platform use is MetaMask.

3. Sandbox


Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget, co-founders of Pixelowl in France, first released Sandbox as a mobile game in 2012. It’s another user-generated platform where users can customise their avatars to look like blocks and use blockchain and smart contracts to own the content they create.

Three main products are offer by Sandbox. Create avatars, vehicles, plants, animals, tools, and other objects using the 3D modelling software VoxEdit. The Marketplace, Sandbox’s second product, allows you to export your creations so you can sell them there. The finished product is call Game Maker, and it allows users to create 3D games without writing any code.

4. Illuvium


Illuvium, a soon-to-be-released game that is being hailed as a “true triple-A, 3D blockchain,” is creating a lot of buzz in the gaming community. In this game, you explore an alien landscape in search of the deity-like creatures known as illuvials. You can either catch them using shards or heal them. These creatures can then aid you in combat with the more than a hundred different monsters and other players. Illuvials are tradable NFTs as well; the more powerful and uncommon they are, the more valuable they become. If you have three identical illuvials, and each of them has attained its highest level through combat, you can combine or merge them into a single new creature to increase their value.

5. Chain of Alliance

Chain of Alliance

Chain of Alliance is a role-playing fantasy game with customizable monsters and NFT value that was first released in 2020. Up to eight characters from your team may be field each round. You should choose the best players and give them the best equipment to increase your chances of winning.

6. My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice

You can purchase and maintain virtual islands that Alice looks after or even farming plots in the multiplayer builder game My Neighbor Alice. Similar to Farmville, you can select the crops to grow, the livestock to breed, and how you want to interact with other players. You can also run a bee farm or apiary and later sell the honey as another source of income. On the Alice market and other blockchains, My Neighbor Alice NFTs (which include plants, animals, houses, clothes, decor, and more) can be traded.

7. Krystopia


Krystopia is an adventure game where you play as Captain Nova Dune. A space explorer who travels to planet Krystopia after spotting a mysterious distress signal from it. Fans of puzzles and mazes will enjoy this game. Its inhabitants would come across Nova and her alien companion Skrii. They would engage in challenges akin to those in an escape room.

8. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds

Launched in 2020, Alien Worlds assigns you the role of a space explorer who must mine Trilium. In-game currency, from six planets. Your “voting rights” are determine by the amount of TLM you stake on a planet, and each planet has its own elected government.

You start out with a shovel, but it’s best to buy your own land or pay a landowner to start mining if you want more TLM and more potent mining equipment. You can also gain tokens by engaging in mining missions and combating other explorers.

9. Farmers World

Farmers World

You can purchase land in Farmers World. Which will be released in 2021, to mine gold, grow crops, raise livestock, catch fish, and build homes for your farm animals. The market at AtomicHub sells tools.

Milk and eggs are among the products that are produce on your virtual property and are NFTs. You can trade or sell the harvest to other players.

You’ll need to defend your farm from other intruders (red and white tribes) as well as other players who might try to take your resources or defend your farm from jungle monsters.

10. Prospectors



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