Patient Verification Solutions – A Step Forward to Prevent Medical Fraud

The medical care sector is digitising and coming up with innovative solutions like virtual visits, online drug purchases, and others to assist patients more conveniently. However, these advancements are also raising other concerns such as identity fraud. With more than 4400 data breaches till 2022, allocating healthcare services to legit patients has become a challenge.

Criminal attempts such as medical identity theft and illegitimate use of information cause fatal consequences. This is why healthcare providers must ensure that they have authentic patient verification checks. This way, they can identify imposters and their fraudulent medical claims while reducing cyberattacks on crucial information.

The blog covers ways in which AI-powered IDV solutions help identify patients and improve the medicare sector’s fraud controls.

Combating Medical Scams with Online Patient Identity Verification

Data breaches, medical identity fraud, false insurance claims, transaction hacks, and other such attempts violate patients’ privacy. As healthcare centres are progressing towards digitisation and bringing in innovative ways to assist patients, fraudsters are opting for activities otherwise. They deploy sophisticated fraud techniques to trick patient verification and reap illicit benefits.

Medicare providers and all of their subsidiaries must integrate know your patient solutions to stay a step ahead of fraudsters. This way, they can validate the identity claims of individual ls while mapping the right treatments for them. AI-powered IDV solutions further offer the following benefits while identifying patients:

  • Remote patient onboarding
  • Shifting physical medical assistance to telemedicine
  • Minimises patient identification at every visit
  • Restrict minors from committing prescription fraud
  • Helps pharmaceutical sell medicines to appropriate customers
  • Protects reputation

Benefits of Integrating AI-Powered Patient Identity Verification Solutions

Healthcare providers need to effectively know your patient solutions and address fraudulent concerns. The AI-powered IDV services offer medicare centres robust crime prevention mechanisms to counter increasing fraud trends. They help hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, and other such affiliates to identify patients in real-time with more data accuracy. Patient verification solutions further promise to provide smarter, cost-effective, and more reliable methods for user onboarding.

The next section highlights the transformations that digital IDV solutions bring to healthcare centres.

Document Validation

When there are compromises on healthcare sectors’ security, they not only lead to financial fallout but also increase the chances of fraudulent medical claims. Imposters use patients’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to schedule digital checkups or buy medicines online. They further commit false insurance claims that help them pay for expensive treatments.

Medicare providers must deploy advanced fraud detection techniques while identifying patients prior to giving any assistance. Otherwise, they will face hefty non-compliance fines. However, using AI-powered IDV tools makes data collection error-free with OCR tools and analyses crucial information accurately by employing ML algorithms. Hence, this leaves less room for document fraud.

Real-Time Identity Verification to Counter Identity Theft

Considering the risks digitisation is raising, regulatory authorities are enforcing strict identity verification regulations to identify imposters and safeguard medical records from cyber security threats. Therefore, medicare providers should need to incorporate robust patient verification mechanisms.

The AI-powered IDV solutions provide real-time patient identity verification that validates users by analysing their facial features. In this process, individuals can either upload selfies or schedule video calls.

Liveness Detection

Due to remote patient onboarding, it has become mandatory for healthcare centres to perform liveness detection. The online know your patient solutions help medicare providers to ensure the patient is present while requesting medical assistance.

The AI-driven IDV solutions analyse backgrounds, objects, colours, and other such traits. This way the medicare sector can cut down the chances of human errors while ensuring accurate patient identity verification.

Minors’ Age Verification

Age verification is equally crucial for hospitals and pharmacies. Minors are getting sophisticated and use fake prescriptions to buy restricted drugs. The reign of e-pharmacies has made their access easier. This calls for pharmacies and healthcare providers to perform patient age verification prior to prescribing any medication.

E-drug stores should perform ID verification for pharmacies to ensure buyers are within age limits. Digital IDV solutions to verify patient identity streamline the pharmacies’ operations by providing accuracy. This ultimately prevents reputational damages.

Aligning the Facts

Keeping the rise in medical fraud, it is becoming necessary for the medicare sector to integrate robust patient verification solutions. This will help them address identity theft, false claims, data breaches, and other such attempts. The AI-powered patient identity verification services automate the onboarding process and ensure that the right individuals are availing treatment. Hence, this makes digital IDV solutions a must-have for healthcare centres.

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