Types of Internet Phones

Many people are familiar with the basics of voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) technology. They are likely aware that VoIP calls send data using the Internet rather than cell towers or phone lines. However, many people still think of a program on a PC when they think of VoIP calling. In fact, VoIP calls can be placed from desk phones and mobile apps as well as computer programs. Many leading VoIP service providers offer both desk phones and apps. For example, Ooma is a Internet phone service company that has desk phones and its own apps.

Keep reading to learn more about the varying types of Internet phones.

Desk Phones

Most people associate desk phones with landlines. However, this is no longer the case. VoIP desk phones are now available. These phones are used in the exact same way as landlines, so businesses will not have to retrain their employees. They even look almost identical to landlines, so their ergonomics are exactly the same.

Quite a few businesses are switching from landlines to VoIP desk phones because VoIP is cheaper, especially at scale. Call centers can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month by using a VoIP system. Also, businesses are investing more heavily in analytics these days. A VoIP phone program can be linked to an analytics program far more easily than a landline system. In fact, there are now many analytics programs designed specifically for use with business VoIP systems.

Mobile Apps

Many leading VoIP providers even have their own apps. These apps can be used on both smartphones and tablets. Businesses may want to have employees who have company cell internet phones download a VoIP app. This way, their calls can be analyzed in the same way as the calls of in-office employees. The employees with company cell phones can simply use the standard phone app if they don’t have an Internet connection.

Computer Programs

The first popular VoIP services were computer programs. VoIP computer programs are still available. However, they have come a long way since their introduction. The earliest VoIP computer programs were very limited, especially for business use. Modern VoIP computer programs, on the other hand, offer the same features as VoIP desk phones. This means that employees can place and receive calls using their computers, so the company doesn’t need to install and maintain desk phones. It may also be easier to send data from computer-based VoIP calls to analytics programs.

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