Using Artificial Intelligence to Keep Your Financial Data Safe

If financial data is compromised, companies face a triple challenge: lost revenue, lost time and lost trust.

Consider compromised credit card data. Businesses must spend time and money identifying where breaches happened and how to prevent them from happening again even as customers consider taking their business elsewhere.

Infographic created by Donnelley Financial Solutions, an SEC filing software company

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help reduce the risk of compromise and keep financial data safe. Here’s how.

How Financial Data Gets Compromised

Attackers recognize the value of financial data. If they can capture and steal data, they can demand ransom payments for its return or sell it to interested parties online.

Two common compromise paths include malware and misconfigured systems. If employees click through on malicious links or download infected attachments, attackers can infect systems with malware tools such as ransomware, which encrypts financial data and demands payment for its release.

Misconfigured systems, meanwhile — such as databases that require no passwords or security tools that are out of date — may allow attackers to compromise company networks without being noticed.

How AI Can Help

AI can help reduce the risk of financial compromise. AI tools are designed to learn and improve as they’re exposed to new data, which makes them ideal for improved security.

For example, AI solutions can be used to detect and remove malware that makes its way into business systems. It can also be used to scan for cybersecurity weaknesses such as out-of-date software or issues with user authentication.

Ready to reduce financial risk? Explore the accompanying infographic and discover how AI can help.

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